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We Keralaites are proud of the fact that our state stands first when it comes to literacy rate in our country and produces very large number of professional graduates every year. Despite these advancements we stand way behind when it comes to the number of students getting admission into premier institutes such as IISER, IISc, IIT and AIIMS or clearing competitve exams such as KVPY, NTSE and Olympiads.

Our experiences during student life in IIT’ s has made us realize that the main reason for this setback is the lack of clear understanding of fundamental scientific concepts. The lack of confidence among students adds to the problem.

We are a group of engineering professionals turned teachers, on a mission to tackle this crisis by adopting a freethinker approach towards the subjects.

Learning becomes a pleasure with us through real life experiences, visualized explanations 3 – D models and multimedia classrooms. We use an innovative strategy of explaining the concepts and problems in a manner they emerged and their further evolution with a historical background.

We try to create passion and interest for subjects among the students.


Goodbye to conventional “board and chalk” classrooms where students are spectators and teachers used to play a one sided oratory role. Here in A.R.I.S.E, we make use of multimedia classrooms and 3 – D models which help our students experiecne science.


Our faculties are engineering graduates from premier institutes like IIT who have left their lucrative careers to pursue their passion for teaching. Their experience as teachers and engineering professionals enable to provide in-depth subject knowledge to our students coupled with perspective of practical engineering insight. As engineering professionals, our faculties are aware of opportunities and difficulties that lie ahead in their career. This provides an exclusive opportunity for our students to gain ample knowledge about various career possibilities which helps them to plan accordingly.


The existing method of teaching science involves the analysis of real life experiences based on some established laws. But these laws were formulated by great scientists by observing certain real life experiences. We in ARISE, focus on explaining the science subjects from a historical perspective which enables our students to think in a similar manner which lead to the evolution of these laws. This will help to improve their skills of imagination and creative intelligence.

We ARISE, as a research oriented institution for science education, focus to develop student’s comprehensive understanding of subjects from multiple perspectives which enables them to formulate questions from inferences. This will help our students to get more involved in classroom discussions and learning becomes an unforgettable experience.


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