ARISE Online

Online education has been widely accepted as a reliable and convenient mode of learning in the present scenario of a wide spreading pandemic. From kindergartens to universities, classes are now being conducted online following a digital learning revolution around the globe.

  • Engineering Entrance
  • Medical Entrance
  • Class 12 Board Exams

Why ARISE Online?

Live and interactive online classes

In live online classes, students can attend the lecture at the same time it’s being delivered by the teacher. This provides an opportunity to students for live interactions with the teacher via chats and comments. Students can ask their doubts and teacher can solve them during the class itself thereby reducing the limitations of a virtual classroom to some extent. Through these interactions, teacher can also ensure active participation of students which will ultimately improve the quality of the lecture and moreover delivers a direct classroom environment.

Faculty pool of highly experienced professionals in the field of medical and engineering entrance coaching

Every course in ARISE is designed by our faculty team which includes IITians, doctors and expert academicians with 15+ years of experience in training JEE Main (previously AIEEE), JEE Advanced (previously IIT JEE) and NEET (previously AIPMT) aspirants. Being a perfect blend of youth and expertise, this team can outmatch others in any aspect of JEE NEET coaching.  We follow a student centred learning approach including Simplified and clear cut explanations of concepts, exclusive methods to master the art of problem solving, in-depth exploration and enhancement of student’s intellectual capabilities and above all, the development of an intimate teacher-students relationship that makes the classrooms in ARISE an unforgettable learning environment.

Regular update to parents about student performance

Relationship and coordination between the three elements, ‘coaching institute – students – parents’ is a deciding factor of success in entrance examinations like NEET and JEE. In ARISE, we have a dedicated team of professional counsellors comprising our Department of Public Relations for the establishment, development and maintenance of a healthy personal bondage with our students and their parents. Our system is to assign a personal mentor for every student, whose responsibilities include

  • Regular monitoring of attendance and exam performances.
  • Frequent communications with parents regarding the student performance analysis.
  • Ensuring personal attention and care for each student in ARISE through regular one on one meetings.
  • Provide Proper guidance and motivational counselling for students and parents.
  • Personal counselling sessions for stress relief and emotional well-being of students.

24 x 7 Doubt clearance portal

Doubt clearance is a major challenge of any distant learning program. We offer a dedicated portal which is active 24 x 7 to tackle this problem. Here, a student can post his/her doubts as text or image citing the subject, topic and the teacher to whom they wish to ask that doubt. The respective teacher will respond and try to clarify the doubt as soon as possible. Students can use this facility without any limitations and can repeat the process until their doubt is satisfactorily resolved.

Regular Online exams

In this modern era where exams are being replaced gradually from conventional pen & paper method to eco-friendly online mode, getting familiar with online exams are much important to succeed in JEE and NEET. Our course structure includes regular examinations in objective pattern aiming to improve the problem solving skills by enhancing the speed,  accuracy and versatility. Exam practice routine is the key to success in competitive entrance examinations which demands very high standards of composure and time management techniques.

Exclusive online learning platform

All course contents including lectures, live chat, examination portal and doubt clearance portal are integrated and delivered to our students through our exclusive web application. Being created by our IT experts, this application incorporates latest state-of-the-art technologies with most advanced wireframe which provides a seamless user experience. It also Employs powerful AI tools for generating student performance reports by processing data about their attendance and examination results

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