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Medical & Engineering Entrance Examinations with ARISE

Available Courses

Repeater Course after class 12

Regular Tution + Entrance Course for class 11

Regular Tution + Entrance Course for class 12

Weekend Entrance Course for class 11

Weekend Entrance Course for class 12

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What is ARISE Live Online Class?

  • ARISE Live is an initiative by ARISE, one of the leading institutes for Medical and Engineering coaching in Kerala. It is a platform developed with the purpose of providing Live Class for our students who are preparing for various entrance examinations.

Will the classes be converted into classroom coaching once the lockdown period is over?

  • Yes. The classes will be converted to classroom mode with strict accordance with the policies laid down by the government at that point of time. The student has to select one of our classroom centers at Ernakulam, Thrissur, Calicut or Coimbatore if he/she wish to attend the classroom coaching. This should be done at the time of admission itself in order to avoid any confusions at the later stage.

Who will be teaching us in ARISE Live Online Classes?

  • Our team of expert faculty are a group of IIT/NIT Alumni and Doctors who graduated from reputed colleges across India having 15+ years of engineering/medical entrance coaching experience.

What do you mean by Live Classes?

  • The classes will be telecasted to you live, that means the students will be attending the class at the same time as it is being taken by the teachers

What is the difference between Live Classes and recorded classes?

  • Live class is telecasted live at the same time as teacher is taking the class whereas recorded classes will be recorded at some point and will be given to you so that you can see them.

What is the advantage of Live class over recorded classes?

  • Students can ask their doubts when they are attending the class using our web applications software. The teachers will read the doubts and reply to them instantly.

Can we watch the Live lectures again?

  • Yes, the live sessions, once they are completed will be available in our web application at anytime for the student to see. The student will be able to access any of the previous lectures 24 hours a day.

How can a student clear their doubts?

  • The student can ask their doubts via chat options during the class hours itself, so that the teacher can clear them instantly. But if the student has a doubt at some other time, for instance when they are studying on their own, they can raise the doubts using our doubt clearance portal in our website. Your doubt will be cleared in less than 24 hours.

Is there any fee discount available?

  • Yes. All our fees have been reduced by 50% because of COVID – 19 pandemic. We wholeheartedly believe that no student should miss out on their chance to study in such situations.

Is it necessary for me to start studying now, as we are not sure when the schools and colleges will reopen?

  • Yes, it is very important to start preparing now. Even though exams will be postponed because of the COVID – 19, it could only be by a few days of months. You should start your prepartions early so that you will be able to perform well in the coming examinations. Remember, “Rome was not built in a day”.

Can we pay the fees in installment?

  • Yes. Fee payment can be made in installments. Please contact our office @ 9633928518 to know the details of fee installments.

How can a student take the admissions to our classes?

  • Students who wish to take admission to our institute should complete their online registration by clicking here. After the registration you have to pay the first instalment of the fees and start attending the classes If you have any doubts please contact our office at 9633928518.

Why join ARISE?

14+ Years of teaching experience

1000+ Hours of intensive coaching

50+ MCQ based mock tests. (In addition to an examination every week)

20+ Board exam based mock tests

35000+ MCQs as Daily Practice Problems

75000+ Entrance oriented questions, prepared by JEE and NEET experts.


About Arise

A.R.I.S.E is an organization founded by a group of Engineers, Doctors and Expert Academicians, which focus on to provide proper mentorship for students who are interested to pursue their higher education and career in science, engineering, medicine and technology. The Functional characteristics of A.R.I.S.E will define us as a Science Education Hub, as we facilitate our students with all the essential inputs to build a successful career in the above mentioned fields

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